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Are you harassed by rude debt collectors who don’t hesitate to use any means to get their money from you? Are you forced to pay for something that you should not be liable for? Or has a credit card company or debt collector filed a lawsuit against you or a loved one? If answer to any of these questions is a YES, we can help you. Want to know how?





I thought bankruptcy was my only option. Then a friend told me about debt validation and how Coast Processing reduced what she owed. I called right away and instantly knew I had the right team I needed. I’m so thankful I learned about your company!
Claire J.
Thank you Coast Processing! Not only did your team reduce what I owe by more than half, I am now on track to being debt free within 12 months! I only wish I had heard of your company sooner.
Janet C.

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Coast Processing is a third party consumer counseling agency that has been approved with accredited companies to enroll you in the program that best suits your financial situation. We are not partial to any particular organization. Rather, we give you your options based on your financial situation, and we will help you choose what program is the right fit for you. We are a free solution and we are compensated based on your success in the program we enroll you in. We have no obligation or bias towards any one company or program.

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What is Debt Validation?

Debt Validation is a faster way to take care of debt without spending a fortune on interest and fees. Instead of wasting 48 to 60 months trying to settle with creditors or paying the minimum payments for the next 15 years, you can now finally reach financial stability in as little as 18-24 months.

We’ll Fight Your Creditors For You & Reduce Your Total Payoff Amounts

If you need help or feel overwhelmed by unusually high compounding interest rates, give us a call.

I tried going to my bank for a debt consolidation loan, I tried calling my credit card company asking for help to reduce my rates. No one was willing to help, until I found Coast Processing. Their team instantly began working to get the help I needed. Jone D. - San Diego

I had creditors calling me at all hours of the day, I tried to work with them but they just added late fees and increased my interest rates even more! Coast Processing reduced what I owed and stop the calls. David S. - Riverside

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