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Our customers choose us because we are not successful unless you are successful. Meaning, if you don’t complete the program we enroll you in, then we do not get compensated. Our clients believe we can deliver the best results for their particular situation. We have experienced financial consultants working closely with specialized Independent FDCPA lawyers to give you the best results.

Our strategies are based on utilizing various consumer protection laws or working closely with nationally sanctioned, ISO certified, servicing centers to eliminate your financial stress. We have over 60 years of collective financial management service and have partnered with the most respected companies in the industry. Our Goal is simple: eliminate our clients debt burden in the shortest amount of time possible.

We have helped thousands of families become debt free and we can help you too!

FDCPA has set rules for creditors – are yours following them? Enrollment in this program involves education, invalidation, and credit repair, and may make the debt go away right away – typical program length is 18-24 months.

I thought bankruptcy was my only option. Then a friend told me about debt validation and how Coast Processing reduced what she owed. I called right away and instantly knew I had the right team I needed. I’m so thankful I learned about your company!

Claire J - Newport Beach

I was pretty skeptical about Coast Processing being able to actually help me, but their team was amazing. They came thru in every way and helped me get back on track with my finances. If you’re in debt, these are your guys!

Jacob S - Los Angeles

Thank you Coast Processing! Not only did your team reduce what I owe by more than half, I am now on track to being debt free within 12 months! I only wish I had heard of your company sooner.

Janet C. - El Cajon

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