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Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Your Business Hours?

Our team is available for Live support Monday-Friday 8am-6pm PST

Why Haven't I Heard Of Debt Validation Before?

The process of debt validation is a legal way for people to resolve their debts in a timely and cost effective manner. The big banks and credit card companies certainly don’t advertise this as an option. They want to charge high fees and interest rates to as many people as possible.

Are Your Consultations Really Free?

Yes! We only benefit by assisting our clients in finding the best, most cost effective debt solutions available to them.

Will I Be Speaking To Someone In The USA?

Absolutely. All of our team members and representatives are located here in the United States. We take pride in our high level of customer service and look forward to assisting you in resolving your debt challenges. It’s what we’re great at!

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